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Make a Reservation

Reserve Your Nauvoo Hotel Room in the Historic District!

We only accept hotel  reservations at the Willard Richards Inn by telephone.  Please call at to reserve your room.

Tel:  1 (818) 538-6404

We fill up quickly so reserve your room today!

Why Do Our B & B Hotel Rooms Fill Up Fast?  Location, Location, Location.

Staying where the Apostle Willard Richards lived and learning the amazing history of this property is amazing enough, but we also fill up quickly because the Willard Richards Inn is located across the street from the Nauvoo Pageant stage. You cannot find a more convenient location and boasting a spectacular view of the Nauvoo Temple! You are within walking distance to many of the Old Nauvoo sites within the Historic District itself such as the Cultural Center, the Family Living Center, Browning Gun Shop and the masterfully restored homes of Joseph Smith Jr, Brigham Young, John Taylor and Heber C. Kimball to name only a few.   Your Nauvoo hotel choice can really enhance your whole experience.

Why do we only accept reservations by phone?

The Willard Richards Inn is a family run business and though this historic house is quite large, there are only 5 rooms available in our B & B.  Our system is simple and personal.  So please call us and let us reserve your room today.


Make a Reservation

Send us a message with your desired room type, arrival date and number of nights you'd like to reserve, and we'll contact you in no time.