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Bike Rentals in Nauvoo!

Free Bike Rental in Nauvoo at the Willard Richards Inn - Things to do in Nauvoo

Things to do in Historic Nauvoo are made even more fun on a beautiful beach cruiser! Bike rentals in Nauvoo are for rent to anyone who would like to enjoy experiencing Historic Nauvoo on a bike, so please come by and look at our choices.  The “Historic Flats” as it is called, is pretty “flat,” so the ride is easy and enjoyable even if you haven’t been on a bike for a while.  You can easily visit the historic homes of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, John Taylor and all the other sites including the Nauvoo Temple and the Church Visitor Center on a rental bike.

You can walk from site to site but you won’t be able to see everything you would like in a day.  You can drive but parking the car, getting in and out every block and a half gets tedious.  People have told us that riding the bikes to see Nauvoo made all the difference in their vacation.  See Joseph Smiths house, go to the Church visitors center and see everything in between on a Nauvoo Rental Bike!

Call for details 1(818) 538-6404

Guests get a FREE Bicycle Rental at the Willard Richards Inn

Still looking for a hotel in Nauvoo?  Stay with us at the Willard Richards Bed and Breakfast and get a continental breakfast, an insiders tour of Willard Richards’ property and its amazing history as well as a complimentary bicycle rental, the best way to tour the Historic District of Nauvoo! Ride around the Nauvoo Temple and through the historic flats, visiting the sites with ease and freedom.